Today’s World Events

Today’s world events mark the morale of people’s pleasures, wall street, music, sports, and other forms of entertainment. Note from making a living, and securing a legacy for your children and children, children show responsibility and love. Moreover protecting them in a society that is turning more dangerous to live in. Like hatred of massive shootings occurring in schools, churches, shopping malls, and parades. The stresses of life of unknown behavior of others have society on alert more so.

It is good to have faith in something other than world events. Confidence in knowing someone greater than all that happening in this world should still motivate people to do good. There are all kinds of teaching out of society schools, and churches that influence people’s beliefs, and points of view. In view of the bible’s last days’ prediction, before he comes back to the earth. Jesus said lawlessness would happen, and there would be wars and rumors of wars and earthquakes. As much told in the news Turkey and Syria had earthquakes on Feb.5, 2023, reading 7.8 killings of 2000 people and more. Events like these are not new to life on this planet, I do believe our days are number as people created by someone greater than us.

Today”s World Events

In today’s world events, likewise, the Bible denotes many wrongs and evils would be happening. People cold-hearts lacking the love of God and presence in the inner being of the human spirit, to keep the soul right and humble. Others status up without God and have no concern for what is happening because of arrogance, pride, blind eyes of greed, foolishness, and ignorant of God’s truth.

By the same token, technology is continuously changing new breakthroughs. We’re able to send emails, share photos, and watch videos in ways we could never have imagined decades ago. There are ads and apps everywhere, seems as though the world’s worship and praise is themself not God and things. As a matter of fact, when a world appears to be forgetting its creator, should wake up to accept God’s son Jesus. If you need a bridge to God, Jesus is the way. Witness his power to free and save your soul from a corrupt world.

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