Show Of The Coming End

Today’s world is turning more into a disastrous society for citizens with gun violence happening in schools, churches, shopping malls, and parades without any notice of when it could take place. The Russian invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 2022, has the world on alert that dominance still exists among dictators that love power. While peace, freedom, and independence are still home to some countries, ruin and destruction face other nations daily.

It is good to have faith in something other than world events, Jesus said lawlessness would happen, and there would be wars and rumors of wars in the last days before he comes back to the earth. Many wrongs and evils would be happening while others would still be living the privileged lives of wealth with little concern for what is happening because of the cold hearts of greed and lust for things and pleasure.

By the same token, technology is continuously changing in a revolution of new breakthroughs. We’re able to send emails, share photos, and watch videos in ways we could never have imagined decades ago ads and app every where. As a matter fact times likes these when a world appear to be forgetting it’s creator, should wake people up to have faith in the one who love the world that he gave his son for the wrongs of fallen man. Not to mention if you need a savior, a friend look in the bible to Jesus the son of God, be that witness of his power to free and save your your soul from a corrupt world.