Knowing The Times

Knowing these times when leadership has proven higher up in power you set rules for people to follow good or bad. The grace of God is showing love for family, friends, and neighbors. Knowing, therefore, God’s truth, say’s the nations that forget me will be turned into hell. God’s Word is spreading and reaching all across the world his grace is to save people everywhere regardless of race, color, or creed.

Knowing The Times

However, nations that are turned into desolate places, like ruins, could be signs of an end that is close because of disobeying God’s truth. Seeing people not getting along as well as the media portrays, shootings in schools, churches, shopping malls, homes, parades, bars, and other places should humble people to look up to the one who created this earth. The power of Christ can and will do away with evil in these times by people waking up within to see God’s wishes for his creation. Education at public and private levels to further better yourself as an outstanding citizen of society should have humanity inspired to contribute to being part of a better world, not be an enemy.

Freedom To Be

Religious freedom to worship the God of the Bible, among other beliefs, is a blessing to others. Nevertheless, some may think of it as a curse because of differences. There is one truth and one savior. The Bible shows the greater promise of eternal life and how the wrath of God has turned away from humanity through belief in Jesus Christ as the Messiah once this physical life is over. Online usage, marketing, and web browsing, including gaming, videos, shopping, kinds of music, and working, should never take the place of time spent with God the Father.

Worship, prayer, and praise are important for the soul to be saved. As many businesses and people have more opportunities for personal interests and pursuits to organize, manage, and plan to make dreams come true, many spend millions of dollars on Wall Street. The stock market is the best way for gamblers to become rich through investment. Society’s desire for pleasure and things is well known by the experience and success of the rich, shown through social media and community. The wealthy pour millions of dollars into Wall Street to prosper above measures that only the poor could dream about. Nothing sown in man’s world is nothing reaped from generation to generation to generation to generation.

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