Times Likes Theses

Times Likes Theses; the unrest of nations whose leadership has been more seeking wealth, and power, to be number one hell is taking place worldwide. However, the nations that forget me will be made hell; truth said the Creator of all things. Observing people not getting along as friendly as media tries to make it seem through the lusts of people, shooting happening in schools, churches, shopping malls, homes, parades, bars etc. should humbles people to look up to the one whom created this earth who can and will do away with evil in his time. Education on a public and private levels to further better yourself as an outstanding citizen of society should have humanity inspired to contribute to being part of a better world not being a enemy.

Religious freedoms to worship the God of the Bible, among other beliefs is blessing and a curse, there is one truth and one savior. The bible shows the greater promise of eternal life, once this physical life is over.

Increase of online usage, marketing, web browsing. In as much businesses, and persons having more opportunities for personal interest and pursuits, to organize, to manage and plan to make dreams come alive, many spend millions of dollars in wall street the stock market is the thing for the rich, this society lusts for pleasure and things. Wealthy pours millions of dollars into wall street to prosper above measures that only the poor could dream about, nothing sown in man world is nothing reaped for me and my generation. Advertising, publishing data, building websites and platform to make a living to make a life of ease and comfort is what the whole world involved in.