“Bangkok” Bangkok, Thailand. November 2019. (12 photos) This is Part 1 of my posts about Thailand, and Part 2 of my posts about my near month-long visit to Myanmar, Thailand and Singapore in November 2019.

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Experts Warn: Justice System Threatened by Technology Lawyers are reporting the possible problem of staging evidence by simply using technology or any social media platform. According to a cyber-psychology expert, Dr. Mary Aiken: “I get very worried when I see convictions based on cell tower pings and mobile phone text messages when both of these […]

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Additional up the ranking in a search engine search when particular search phrases are used. It is only gotten worse, though Fb claims to be clamping down on fake news stories, it nonetheless doesn’t cease the spread and recycling of all other viral junk. Mobile telephones for automobiles became obtainable from some telephone organizations in […]

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