A Way To Get God’s Grace

Humility; the quality of state of being humble; having a way about you, not of false pride, not conceited or vain. Being the lower person walking in God’s love not ashamed of doing what is right. Because the world hated Christ and will hate his followers, that’s why we who believe walks in the love of God. Amen!

To walk in a way of respect of yourself and others, not always wanting someone to do for you, but willing to do for others based on good sense.

A Bible Truth

Job 1:1 Job was a man who lived in Uz. He was honest inside and out, a man of his word, who feared God totally devoted. Job was a man of prayer, and did not choose to do evil.

Job a wealthy man of his day, had a family, wife, seven sons, three daughters. His wealth consisted of seven thousand sheep, three thousand camels, five hundred oxen, five hundred donkeys, and a very great household, he was said to be the greatest man of the east.

Job troubles

Jobs sons and daughters celebrated the good fortune of their father through feasting, then when their partying was done, Job sent for them and sanctified them, and offered a burnt offering to God.

Job was tested by God because of Satan, Satan saying more or less to God you pamper Job that’s why he’s faithful and humble before you. Job would not be so humble without your protection and blessings. God said more or less do to Job what you will Satan, don’t touch his soul. After that Job lost everything sons and daughters, servants, all the livestock he had.

Job wife mock him, Job was afflicted with disease, his three friends saying he must have done something wrong for all his troubles and misery, Job confused about all that was happening to him still trusted God. Job and his friends argued over what was going on with him, God became angry at Job friends because Job was going through something, they could have been a little more caring. Job friends believed in God to, but in order for God not to be angry with them for judging Job and thinking evil of him, they had to go to Job and let him pray for them. In prayer to God praying one for another there is where you find, forgiveness, mercy, and God’s grace. Proud fill in a evil way angers God. Lowing of yourself in humility you go in a deeper sense of balance of yourself, in peace, love, knowledge of goodwill.

Job standing the Test and Reward

Job lived a hundred and forty years, health restored, he had seven more sons, he lived to see four generations, and three more daughters, and his daughters the most lovely in the land. God blessed the last days of Job, with more livestock double what he had at first. At last of his days fourteen thousand sheep, six thousand camels, a thousand oxen, and a thousand donkeys. Job live a rich and rewarding life by the grace of God.