A Changed Heart

A changed heart occurred one Sunday school morning as a 15-year-old kid went to church. The result is a story told of a man that came from Nazareth and was sent by God to save his people from sin Jesus Christ.

Therefore it was a prophecy given in centuries past that a Savior of the Jews and all people of the earth, he would be born and his kingdom without an end.

A changed heart is something that happens internally and becomes the feeling of a heart of holiness by God’s power and Holy Spirit presence which changes a person that believes in his Son Jesus.

Christ the anointed one died on the cross for fallen people disobedient with sin against God’s truth and righteousness. However, once a person saved by their confession of Christ becomes a Christian receive the divine presence of the Holy Spirit to help build a better character from within.

Jesus Christ showed a focus and heart toward God, loving people with Godly love, the lowly, was healed by supernatural power. not of this world.

The son of God was sent to Earth from Heaven through a virgin birth. When Jesus was born of the Holy Spirit in a stable, a sign in the sky recognized his coming to die for the sins of humanity.

Slaughtered like a lamb for the sins of the world, those who choose Christ’s teaching and Christ are saved from eternal judgment which would be a death sentence for unbelievers. Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judaea.

Matthew 1:18 states; now consider the birth of Jesus Christ in this way, when his mother, Mary, was espoused to Joseph before they came together, she was found with a child of the Holy Spirit. The Virgin Mary, in a barn-like place, gave birth to Jesus, raised as a carpenter’s son in Nazareth. At the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, around 30 years old, he began preaching about the Kingdom of God, the Good News, turn your hearts to God his kingdom is near.

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